Electric Substation Digital Illustration/ Schematic Diagram

Kissimmee (Florida) Utility Authority hired me as a freelance illustrator to create a simplified diagram of an electrical substation as an informative graphic for their customers.

Do you need clear illustration of your layout or diagram for your customers to clearly view your process? Process flow diagrams are important in determining the strength and layout of the system. Design values of each section reflect the proximity, piping, control, and interconnection of the systems. There is a relationship between materials, structure, layout, distance, and implementation of each process. The simplified diagram of this electrical substation was created for Kissimmee Utility in Florida. If you need a digital illustrator for your schematic diagrams, please email DavidHerrick00@gmail.com.

Substations are part of an electrical distribution system that transform voltage from low to high or the reverse. Substations are connected to power stations with switching, transformers, and circuit breakers to protect distribution of circuit that is supplied to your home and business. The first step in planning an electrical substation is preparing a diagram that illustrates the switching and protection arrangement including the supply lines.

The electric power we use at home might travel through several substations between the generating plant and your the outlets in your house, and its voltage may be increased or decreased along it’s route.
Substations can either be owned and operated by a local electrical utility or by an industrial or commercial end user that requires a large supply of electricity specifically for their operation. They are usually well protected by high fences and locked gates to keep out anyone that may consider a closer look. As you can imagine, the structures in a substation can be incredibly dangerous and the potential of a massive electrical shock is ever present.

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