Energy Efficient House for Sears by David Herrick Illustration

Freelance illustration for Sears Home Services. Diagram showing the various aspects of an energy efficient home.

Building energy efficient homes is a must nowadays to save on cost of electricity and use of power or energy. Any average homeowner can build an energy efficient house even if it is an old house. The improvements are not too expensive with the amount of savings you get to make your house work its best. The idea is to improve insulation and air ventilation to let fresh airflow freely. An efficient window here means fully secured shut windows. Changing façade color to lighter hues also tends to reduce air conditioning cost because it absorbs less heat. Sears has been exploring ways to reduce the cost and consumption of energy by increasing house energy efficiency. Improvements to lighting systems, roofing, insulation, and air ventilation were fully explored especially cracks on walls and windows. Sears has been striving to maintain its environmental stewardship. If you need a digital illustrator for your projects and products, contact David Herrick freelance illustrator at

For those of us who lost out on the great Wall Street money grab, it’s more important than ever to stretch our budgets as best we can. When money is short and prices continue to rise, paying for wasted energy should not be part of our expenses. There are many things we can do ourselves to make our homes more energy efficient. Look around your home, inside and out, and you may be able to see gaps that can be sealed. Doors and windows are prime culprits of heat exchange. Easy and cheap… caulking and weather strip might improve your home’s efficiency. Closing doors from room to room might help as well. No sense heating or cooling your bedroom if you are not spending time there! If you spend lots of time in one place, whether watching TV or at your computer, consider a wall-mounted fan or a floor-standing fan. Fans use a lot less electricity than a central air conditioning unit that cools the entire house. A fan can keep you comfortable AND save money! A wall mounted fan aimed at your bed could cut your sleep-time air conditioning needs down to zero.

I have been working in Adobe Illustrator since 1989, when I bought my first Macintosh IIci and a Syquest 5.25” external hard drive for backup. The largest capacity Syquest cartridge at the time was a whopping 200 megabite, which was a dream because the Mac’s built-in 3.5” floppy disk reader only accomodated 1.44 megabite maximum capacity disks! Photoshop’s features and potential seemed very appealing, but the slow waiting and saving times were maddening for me and I just did not have the patience to wait, so I opted for learning Illustrator. It’s funny to think back at how frustrated and angry I got when the program didn’t do what I wanted it to do because I forgot to use the proper key command, or neglected to save a file that I’d worked on for hours, only to lose everything I’d done when the electric service shut down momentarily. The day I bought an uninterruptible power supply was a happy day indeed.

Life as an independent artist has been both liberating and confining. It’s awesome to be my own boss and keep my own hours, but then I need to focus on all the aspects of building and maintaining the business, rather than be able to focus my efforts exclusively on the work that I enjoy doing. In addition to the time required to sell myself, there’s the annoying distractions like estimated tax payments, keeping track of billing, accounting, organizing expenses and tax deductions and organizing digital files. An organized business has specific and specialized people to handle those tasks. I have to do all those things on my own. As a basically unorganized guy, it’s amazing that I’ve survived this long! Despite the tedious details, I would not trade my independence for a regular job. I do miss the camaraderie and sharing ideas though. Brainstorming an idea can be so much more effective if you use more than one brain!

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