National Golf Course Owners Association conference invitation cover illustration

Some people believe that the world revolves around the game of golf!

As a freelance illustrator, I am offered a variety of projects. This illustration was used on a brochure cover for the National Golf Course Owners Association annual conference. The idea was to imply the mutual relationship of golf course owners worldwide, and to promote standards of professionalism in the gol ng industry. Concept and graphic design by Tammy Taylor of  Taylor Design in Farmlife, North Carolina.

If you have your own business and you want to spread the word of your amazing product or services, you have to announce yourself. An important aspect of successful self promotion is your unique personality. People like to work with people that they like. When someone has a choice of using a service offered by more than one supplier, they will often use the person that they know and enjoy talking with, or the guy who gets recommended by a friend. The benefit of being known and liked may be the most important factor in a successful small business. It works for the products that we use everyday as well, and that’s why advertising works. People gravitate toward the familiar and don’t pay much attention to what they have not seen before.

You want more work? Get out there and meet new people. Not just anybody. People that need what you do. It’s sometimes easy and comfortable to spend time with people who do the same type of work that you do, and it’s great and inspiring to share ideas and techniques. Unfortunately though, they will never be your customers, so be careful how much time is spent with your contemporaries that could be spent gathering new clients!

I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer, specializing in technical illustration, digital graphic design, apparel design, diagrams, charts and product illustration. If you would like to discuss a project, please contact me at and I will reply promptly.

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