JellEttes set by Tupperware – product illustration

One of Tupperware’s amazing variety of food preparation and storage products.

Tupperware Jellettes containers are designed and manufactured to fit snugly and withstand travel without spilling contents, as the tight-fitting seal makes it impossible for the contents to leak. The Tupperware brand achieved an iconic status through innovative design, consistent high quality and brilliantly user-friendly ergonomic design.

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I have been working in Adobe Illustrator since 1989, when I bought my rst Macintosh IIci and a Syquest 5.25” external hard drive for backup. The largest capacity Syquest cartridge at the time was a whopping 200 megabite, which was a dream because the Mac’s built-in 3.5” floppy disk reader only accomodated 1.44 megabite maximum capacity disks! Photoshop’s features and potential seemed very appealing, but the slow waiting and saving times were maddening for me and I just did not have the patience to wait, so I opted for learning Illustrator. It’s funny to think back at how frustrated and angry I got when the program didn’t do what I wanted it to do because I forgot to use the proper key command, or neglected to save a file that I’d worked on for hours, only to lose everything I’d done when the electric service shut down momentarily. The day I bought an uninterruptible power supply was a happy day indeed!

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