Eco Pitcher for Tupperware – product illustration

Assembly diagram for Tupperware’s Eco Pitcher product. A descriptive instructional graphic in the product packaging booklet.

Eco Tupperware Water Filter Pitcher allows you to drink fresh delicious water without ordering or buying bottled water. Its filter housing contain water filtration granules that provides pure water of 3.8 quarts or 3.6 liters. The filter could filter at least 80 gallons of water before replacing the granules. The filter and the filter housing of this Eco Pitcher never gets thrown away. You only need to replace the granules after at least filtering 80 gallons of water.  Tupperware also provides single pouch refill of the granules. Estimated time for replacing the granules is at least 4 months. You can clean the filter housing by carefully pulling the filter housing straight up. This will prevent the filter granules from spilling. Without the filter housing and the granules, you may use the eco pitcher to contain and store other kinds of beverages.

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