Tupperware Micro Cooker – product illustration

The Tupperware micro cooker helps you feed your family complete nutritious meal in a few minutes with simple food preparation. The micro cooker helps you satisfy hungry friends, colleagues, and family visiting you in a moment just by putting your meat and chicken in your microwave. The set offers easy meal preparation by just popping ready to serve food in the microwave for speed heating. This features removable liquid tight steam vent seal that is best for reheating, storing, or transporting meals. This set helps you save money and avoid expensive restaurant or takeaway food. Containers are micro wave ready and can also be used to store left over foods. No need to wash a lot of dishes. Just eat, store, and reheat in same container.

The Tupperware Brand company has been iconic for decades, and the term ‘Tupperware’ has become synonymous with re-sealable food storage, whatever brand it happens to be. Not many companies’ names can claim to be a generic term for a classification of product! Although Tupperware has some stiff competition in the marketplace, one of their competitive advantages is that they continue to design brilliantly innovative and practical products that excel in function and durability.

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