Pricing and Creative Process

Pricing and Creative Process

PRICING- My creative process and final result is based on a flat hourly fee of $40 U.S.

After discussing your needs, I will establish a price quote based on my estimation of the time needed to complete the project. Three rounds of revisions are included at no additional charge.

MY APPROACH- The success of your project depends on clear communication of your goals and my understanding of your product or service.

We will discuss the nature of your business and the message you’d like to convey. I will ask a series of questions designed to clarify your message and distinguish you from your competitors. Once I understand your unique assets, I can build a graphic message that corresponds to your ambition.

TERMS AND CREATIVE PROCESS- After we discuss your project and we feel comfortable with each other, you will deposit 50% of the estimated fee to my PayPal or bank account, at which point I will proceed with your images.

During the process, I will send low resolution, watermarked, comprehensive digital files via email for your consideration. Once images are approved, you’ll deposit the balance of my fee, at which point I will deliver full resolution images by email, using YouSendIt or a comparable service for large files.

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